Residential Real Vastu Solutions

Residential Vastu solutions

The flow of CHI (energy)in your environment effects every aspect of your life: your health,your outlook,your decision making ,your business ,your profits,your fame , your family and even your marital relationships.The flow of energy in turn is influenced by the interior and exterior elements of your physical environment.Colors,shapes,orientation,lighting,objects and their positions and arrangements, the use of space, the degree of cleanliness and many other factors all affect and collectively determine your environments(home or office) energy flow.And this flow or a lack thereof ,affects you continually, conditions your experience in your home and workplace and significantly influences your future for good or for ill.
Real Vastu Living guides you every step of the way to achieve a harmonous balance between your environments and the elements of Nature.This process ensures a smooth positive energy flow in your environments through your life and which inturn helps you achieve your life aspirations !

Vastu Home

A home is a place where an individual feels warm and welcoming. It is appropriate to believe that a person is the happiest at his home as it is his peaceful abode.The basic ideology of Vastu Shastra, the ancient science of architecture, tends to show the direction to attaining the peace and harmony and Home Vastu ensures a happy and blissful future.
Just as the aesthetic taste of a person influences the design, decor and maintenance of a house, similarly it influences the person`s moods, thoughts, bio-energy, behaviour, personal and social life, recognition, professional success; in fact, each part of life is deeply intertwined with the home of the individual. Vastu architectural science is a Total Tune up system for a person and his home. Vastu Home Architectural Science signifies the road to Happiness, Prosperity, Growth, and good Health in a man`s home.
Facets of Home Vastu
Vastu involves synchronisation of one`s house with nature`s five basic elements to release positive energy to benefit a person. Otherwise, those energies fight within each other thus creating an astronomical amount of static and tension in one`s place of business or home. This might result in more arguments, more attrition of staff, workers` unrest, more accidents, customer dissatisfaction, legal problems and so on. Right from the selection of site to correct slope of land down to the shape of the building, this oldest form of architecture covers nearly every aspect of construction. Home Vastu is applied not only for houses but also for temples, palaces, forts and offices and any other form of construction, often providing relief, if not cures, to physical or emotional problems simply by relocating an entrance, window or room.
Sometimes, the architecture of the home tends to affect the health and affluence, without our knowledge. The environmental pressure greatly contributes to increasing the overall distress and prohibits everyone from reaching their fullest potentials. At times, refraining from these external forces becomes difficult, thus hampering our growth and efficiency. Thus, with the appropriate assistance of Vastu Shastra, one can combat the evil forces and lead a serene life.
It has been noticed that the residents of buildings and apartment blocks which have been built in gross violation of Vastu principles tend to suffer either from insomnia, depression, financial difficulties, domestic unhappiness, or some sort of chronic ailment. They have also been seen to suffer from lack of sense of security, loss of love in life, drug abuse or alcoholism, and misery. To avoid these difficulties people switch to Vastu living to bring about peace and prosperity in their home. Normally, it takes one month to six months. It also depends on the amount of rectification recommended applied, the percentage of defects, topography, as well as strengths of your birth chart.
Vastu is not only about directions. Vastu is also about dimensions, measurements and creating space. When a new site is planned elaborate calculations are done to rectify the plot size to yield harmonious energy, and building dimensions are worked out, size of various rooms, passages, staircase steps, floor heights, size of doors and windows, alter, in short, the size of each component is calculated as per Vastu principles. This elaborate exercise ensures that there is a rhythm in the building design, and an element of concordance in vibration.
The modern building design has done away with thresholds and double-doors. But a threshold keeps out negative elements by physically demarking the proper entrance to the house, and the double door ensures the emotional stability of the residents of the house.
Designing a home using Vastu
The interior signifies the space enclosed by the outer walls of the house. The interior is not like the homogeneous mass of that of any sweet but it differs from inch to inch so it is very important to plan accordingly. Sometimes a person living in Vastu based house can face problems, if the interiors are not done in proper manner and many a times the problems can be rectified by changing the interiors of the house.

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