Real Vastu for curtailing Enmity and Property Disputes

Real Vastu living an art and science of living a better life

Did you know that the environment we live in does affect our life and destiny in every way and there is direct correlation between us and the vibrations that surround our environment ?
Did you know that answers to your good health, wealth, peace of mind and prosperity exist right in the environment that surrounds you and through correct reorganization of energies and simple changes in these environments, one can achieve answers to permanent happiness , peace and prosperity in life ?
Real Vastu Living with its years of experience on the subject matter and through intense study of the ancient Vedic Vastu and other allied structural sciences , attempts to help you achieve the best of your life from your living environment and promises you a better future !

End the property disputes amicably !

Stop the arguments and live happily !

Real Vastu Living protects you and your family from Dispute

In our own family we sometimes experience arguments, contentions, controversies, differences, fights. Sometimes we experience all the problems, some what quarrels with neighbours, family members, wife and husband quarrels, some disagreement marked by a temporary or permanent break in friendly and family relations.
why these things happen ?
It may be with erratic construction, and if vastu is perfect at houses, there might be very less percentage of quarrels at house.
Many of the times ,property brings in many litigations. For the sake of property, many horrible things have taken place. We cannot be too sure when such things happen to us. Future seems to be dim. It is better to be forewarned rather than be late. Best thing is to take precautionary measures quite early. Such people can be assured of safety and security.
Once property disputes start, they never end.. Property Disputes can be between various family members and every body has to be cautious not to develop such disputes. The elders has to take some precautionary measurements in the family for full settlement of properties, otherwise the next generations may decide for revolution on their rights and causes more property disputes.
Real Vastu Living provides ways thru changes in structural energy and environment to resolve such issues and foster harmony in family and friends.
Real Vastu Living on Vastu Science in our daily life
Any new environment where we intend to reside or work and/or any modifications/changes to our existing environment, has direct co relationship with our destiny and impact every aspect of our lives in different ways. It could be your living or working environment, it could also be the environment around your home or your workplace or it could as simple as just the arrangement of rooms and/or the objects within the rooms at your living or work space
The Good news is that through correct reorganization of energies and simple changes in these environments, one can achieve answers to permanent happiness , peace and prosperity in life
History is replete with cases where the most inauspicious buildings have been made favourable for living just by applying the principles of *Vastu Science. The tenets of Vastu Science facilitate us to lead a more contented, healthy and blissful life. By the correct implementation of principles of Vastu Science, one can gain peace of mind, happiness and prosperity in life.
Vastu Science is a very useful medium to bring positive energy in the surrounding environment where the person resides. Vastu Science increases wealth, well being and prosperity if you live in structures that allow positive cosmic forces
One of the main benefits of VastuScience is that it just requires making few replacements and changes in the house, business premises or offices. One does not have to do any major investment. Since the surrounding energies can restrict the growth and thus have an overall negative impact ,such changes if need be, can also be performed at frequent intervals so that positive energies do not get stagnant.

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