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Real Vastu Living-New or  existing structures -Exteriors
Exterior space is very important for every structure . Real Vastu Living expounds some basic rules that must be followed during the making of different sections in the outside/exterior of the structure/house.
Real Vastu emphasizes on planning or recreating and reorganizing your outdoor space ,whether it is a Garden ,deck, patio or balcony, water tanks, bore-well, stairs, garage and servant’s quarters, garden, trees, plants, landscaping etc so that they are completely balanced with the elements of nature . Making the exterior sections at proper places and in the right manner, give desirable results and render all types of benefits in terms of good health, positivity, peace and harmony in your life.
With the correct methodology and right application  of  Vastu and all other allied sciences Real Vastu Living brings out the best from your living environment and promise you  a better future for life!!”


Make your Porch/patios inviting and relaxing
An open space to idealize the leisure time with family and friends is mainly called patio or Verandah. Open space is very ideal for house but with the increasing trends and short of space people avoid verandahs. Courtyards are wonderful place to create space for sitting and relaxation. It can be a place where you can enjoy your evening after a tired day with fragrance of blooming flowers, blowing wind, plants etc. Depending on the size of courtyard you can include seating area in the courtyard. The courtyard besides being a place that is usually shaded also acts as a natural air-conditioner especially in a hot and dry climate. However this place is important from radical and scientific point of view and both are important elements in Vastu. According to Vastu science , Porch/verandah is important in every house because open space invite morning sunlight which is essential for health and wellbeing.
A Balcony is a platform that projects from the wall of the building and is surrounded by a railing. It is meant for relaxing. It may or may not have a roof. The increase in apartment buildings, security reasons and safety from rain and dust, have deterred people from adopting courtyards in their homes and so Balconies have taken the place of Courtyards. . Real Vastu Living emphasizes arranging your exteriors in complete balance with the elements of nature for maximum benefits of the cosmos and better health and safe and healthy environment.

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