Outdoor Pools

Real Vastu Living an art and science of living better life

Real Vastu Living-New or  existing structures -Exteriors
Exterior space is very important for every structure . Real Vastu Living expounds some basic rules that must be followed during the making of different sections in the outside/exterior of the structure/house.
Real Vastu emphasizes on planning or recreating and reorganizing your outdoor space ,whether it is a Garden ,deck, patio or balcony, water tanks, bore-well, stairs, garage and servant’s quarters, garden, trees, plants, landscaping etc so that they are completely balanced with the elements of nature . Making the exterior sections at proper places and in the right manner, give desirable results and render all types of benefits in terms of good health, positivity, peace and harmony in your life.
With the correct methodology and right application  of  Vastu and all other allied sciences Real Vastu Living brings out the best from your living environment and promise you  a better future for life!!”
Natural Features


Natural textures of stone, water, wood and metal are pleasing and powerful.
Water represents wealth, abundance, prosperity and riches .Water features 
·         enhances family happiness
·         achieves human relationships
·         attracts prosperity
By arranging water flow in the garden, wealth is attracted and the energy of Natural forces is captured. If any kind of a water feature is placed in the right direction (interior/exterior) of an office or a house then the inhabitants of the structure will have all good fortunes, luck, full of money, raising of their position in their fields, good name, life long cash flows, bank balances, having a good standing in the society.

Real Vastu solutions for Outdoor Pools

Swimming pool is coming into “ups and downs” vastu principle, so one must take a decision with cool mind and patience. Otherwise it will affect the life of the resider a lot. Why should we go for giving chance for losses and damages. Now a days Vastu is more developed and modern. Swimming pool can be indoors or ourdoors.Swimming pool placement can actually change your destiny big time. Real Vastu living provides ideal placement of the indoor as well as outdoor pools for the best results in terms of increase in wealth and fortune!

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