Our mission

Real Vastu Living is a Vastu Science Research Foundation Institute, constantly engaged in conducting extensive and In-depth scientific research on various Vastu principles over last 10 years. Our consistent practice and conceptual study on the subject, focuses on researching the effects of various Vastu principles on lives of Individuals when the environmental energies around them are recharged by proper balancing them with the elements of nature. This harmony of energies with the elements of nature in and around you results in bringing better health,wealth,prosperity and happiness in your life. With Nature of Science in play, results of this harmony are amazingly inviting.

In order to establish this great relationship, we uniquely combine the principles of Vedic Vastu science, Fengshui methods, Green living styles and concepts of building biology, human ecology and EcoScience, which together we call “Real Vastu living”. Our services provide everything you need to live in harmony with nature

Renergise,Reorganise and Reorient your living environment for a better health, wealth and happiness !

Real Vastu Living helps people attain successful lives by combining the complete solutions offered by Vastu Science,Fengshui Studies and other Scientific Methods.

We are committed to make this great ancient Vastu Science a global phenomenon. Our Mission is to solve each and every vastu imbalance by the logic of directions prescribed by the Vastu Science(origin"Sthapatya Veda" subveda )  and thoroughly using other practices as applicable to obtain better results.

The great ancient "Vastu Science" helps us recognize the powerful influence our work and living surroundings have upon us and it shows us how to create a balance by harmonising our surroundings with the elements of nature.

  • Vastu Science emphasises on structure correctness and being alignment with natural forces.
  • Vastu Science has stable principles globally.
  • Vastu Science has pronounced "Cause and Effect" clarity.

Get the best from your living environment and make it your living style through Real vastu Living
About Our Company -Real Vastu Living: