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Real Vastu living an art and science of living better life!

When designing a home and the rooms within it, the main consideration is to create a pleasant, comfortable environment to live in. If a home and the rooms are designed well, with a place and position for each item, it becomes a well lit, airy, clutter free, efficient place to live in, which in turn makes us happy and contented.
Infact, if the planning of any  room within the house and the placement of the objects within each room is done correctly, then it can result in permanent prosperity,wealth ,happiness and peace of mind to those who live in it.
Real Vastu Living offers such solutions for all interiors. We practise the principles of ancient Vedic Vastu science to achieve a complete harmony of the Home with the Elements of nature.Our solutions provide a very prestigious living style, so that the residers can enjoy and cherish every moment in their homes to a happy life and a prosperous future !


Well Organised and Practical Kitchen Ideas right here !
A KITCHEN is the most frequently used space in a house and hence it should have a pleasant, attractive and cheerful atmosphere. It holds the best of the family, the best place to savour the pleasure of being together with all the tastes, memories and daily habits of the family.These are feelings which need a suitable ambience.
A Kitchen is an ambience in the home more loved and lived in by all the members of the family,then any other rooms. Its just not a specialized room , but has many uses. Its an extremely important part of the house, where healthy food for the family is prepared and cooked.It is also used for Storage of food and utensils, Food preservation and Washing up, also used for Entertaining, Child play, Listening to music, Telephoning, Personal Grooming etc.
Unlike ancient times , the Kitchen of today has become a compact, efficient, safe and easy place to work in and so the planning is different.Real Vastu solutions offers a kitchen layout that is customised to the specific requirements and needs of the users, the lifestyle and eating habits of the residers.
It is advisable to plan your kitchen according to Vastu recommendations, as it has the most direct effect on your health. When it comes to kitchen, Vastu takes into consideration various things that, when properly placed, ensure safety in the kitchen. Vastu can help you establish an enticing ambience,no matter your kitchen’s size or its deficiences,so that you will want to spend time there.You will come to cherish your kitchen.Some of the essential determinants are proper location of the kitchen, direction and placement of doors and windows, placement of cooking gas, gas cylinder, sink, refrigerator and other electronic gadgets, and so on.
Real Vastu Solutions Combine the principles of Vedic Vastu Science with modern science to achieve a very well planned and an efficient kitchen for you . We provide guidelines to completely harmonise your Kitchen with all the elements of nature and fine tune it with true nature’s aura.This combination achieves a very healthy,lively ,scientific and an efficient kitchen.
Real Vastu Living- Kitchen: A very well planned and Efficient , Safe and Healthy,Scientific and Modern,Bright and lively and completely balanced with the elements of nature !

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