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Real Vastu living an art and science of living a better life

When designing a Structure and the rooms within it, the main consideration is to create a pleasant, comfortable environment to live/work in. If a Structure and the rooms are designed well, with a place and position for each item, it becomes a well lit, airy, clutter free, efficient place to work in, which in turn makes us feel very happy and contented.
Infact, if the planning of the  rooms within the structure and the placement of the objects within each room is done correctly, then it can result in permanent prosperity,wealth ,happiness and peace of mind to the owners of the building as well as those who work in it.
Real Vastu Living offers such solutions for all interiors. We practise the principles of ancient Vedic Vastu science to achieve a complete harmony of the Building with the Elements of nature.Our solutions provide a very prestigious living or working style, so that the residers can enjoy and cherish every moment in their  working or living environment and be happy and contended and confident of success !

Why do you need an Industrial Vastu Audit

You need to get industrial vastu shastra analysis services, if you observe any one of the following signs: Industrial Accidents (Fire, Theft, Etc),Cash Flow Stoppage,Increased Liability,Unsatisfactory Production ,Unsatisfied Workers,Increasing Debt,Continual Loss in Trades and Less Orders,Less Growth ,Increase In Useless Expenditures ,Union Problems and Layoffs,Bad Decisions Taken Due To Improper Vibrations in the Factory,Shortage of Raw– Material, Legal and Lawsuits Problems,No Improvement in spite of Hard Work and Dedication ,Threat of Competition Rule Out  ,etc….
We guarantee that as our client, you will be astonished to see results after adopting the remedies offered by us.
We Service various types of Industries-namely a few:
Farming,Mining,Transport industries,Manufacturing,Processing,
Service industries.viz..power, telecommunications, finance, health,
education, entertainment etc
Industries types just to name a few in which we specialize :
Steel industry,Plastic Industry,Machine Industry,Chemical Facotries,Ice Factory,Cold Drinks and Ice Cream plants,Dairy Plants etc

Real Vastu Solutions for Factories and Industries

Factories and industrial structures need special attention while construction and should be free from any Vastu defect. It is very important to follow the right Vastu advice while constructing a factory, since it’s a business enterprise and should provide profits only. Following the Vastu guidelines while planning factories helps avoid losses and untowardly incidents. In a factory, it is also imperative to tap the maximum potential of the laborers and have free movement of men and material. Vastu of factory determines every aspect to find out the reason of prevailing problems in the existing factory. A well-structured factory per vastu norms can grant all-round contentment to the owner in terms of wealth, health, peace, employees and labour. The site on which factory is being constructed is the primary aspect and contributing factor in the success of factory. The main objective of every business is earning profit however if this goal is not achieved through one or the other reason then one must suspect Vastu. Vastu of factory helps detecting problems at site by analyzing it thoroughly and correctly it with invasive remedies.

Real Vastu Solutions for Factories and Industries

Real Vastu Solutions offers solutions for selection and planning of the industrial site and structures. It ensures the successful running of business activities, leading to larger production and better monetary profits. Applying vastu advice for industry can greatly help and it pave way for prosperity in business as well. In an industrial environment, the human potential is exploited to its maximum in multidisciplinary activities – production clubbed with leadership function, research activity clubbed with market dynamics, achieving impedance-free movement of men and materials in crowded workplace etc…. This balancing act needs a perfect understanding of contribution of each of the Vaastu directions to the overall industrial space. Several things are considered, while setting vastu guidelines for industries, which include the selection of site, position of electronic gadgets, placement of heavy machinery, location of guardroom, the location of beams, the direction of the entrance, the direction and placement of windows, staff quarters, pantry, administrative area, color scheme of the industry, placement of raw materials etc. Industries should be such in such a manner that the production should increase and so the movement of finished goods. If the principles of the Vastu are followed, that can lead to more production, increased sales, no problem with labour and smooth working. Whatever be the industry, the principles of the Vastu broadly remains the same and should be kept in the mind while preparing the building, constructing the building, installing the machinery, turning out the products and dispatching them to the clients. Even though there are vast differences in production methods or process flow etc. in different industries but the broad principles of Vastu Science are universally applicable. Vastu Science has the power to give your industry a chance to bounce back to health or continue to be prosperous.There are many factories which are facing the problems of frequent strikes by labour, manpower depletion, resource shortages, litigation probelms and other unforeseen problems. Its always advisable to take into account the Vaastu principles before construction and if Vastu has not been taken account for then there is the need to minimise the effect of Vastu Dosha by using various principles.

Real Vastu living for Interiors and Exteriors

Real Vastu Living : New or existing structures-Interiors
Your home or the business place must attract good fortune for you. Whether it a new business related/industrial construction or if you are deciding to make structural changes to your home and workplace,or even rearranging your rooms within a built structure, remember that such changes upset the preexisting vibrations within the built environment.The addition or deletion resulting from the structural change or from rearrangement of objects within the rooms, will create a new set of vibrations.You want these vibrations to be healthy and not a source of harm. Real Vastu Living helps in increasing positive forces at your living and  your work space, which helps you in achieving permanent health,wealth ,happiness and overall success.
Real Vastu Living-New or  existing structures -Exteriors
Exterior space is very important for every structure . Real Vastu Living expounds some basic rules that must be followed during the making of different sections in the outside/exterior of the structure/house.
Real Vastu emphasizes on planning or recreating and reorganizing your outdoor space ,whether it is a Garden ,deck, patio or balcony, water tanks, bore-well, stairs, garage and servant’s quarters, garden, trees, plants, landscaping etc so that they are completely balanced with the elements of nature . Making the exterior sections at proper places and in the right manner, give desirable results and render all types of benefits in terms of good health, positivity, peace and harmony in your life.
With the correct methodology and right application  of  Vastu and all other allied sciences Real Vastu Living brings out the best from your living environment and promise you  a better life!!”

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