Dining Room Vastu

Real Vastu living an art and science of living better life!

When designing a home and the rooms within it, the main consideration is to create a pleasant, comfortable environment to live in. If a home and the rooms are designed well, with a place and position for each item, it becomes a well lit, airy, clutter free, efficient place to live in, which in turn makes us happy and contented.
Infact, if the planning of any  room within the house and the placement of the objects within each room is done correctly, then it can result in permanent prosperity,wealth ,happiness and peace of mind to those who live in it.
Real Vastu Living offers such solutions for all interiors. We practise the principles of ancient Vedic Vastu science to achieve a complete harmony of the Home with the Elements of nature.Our solutions provide a very prestigious living style, so that the residers can enjoy and cherish every moment in their homes to a happy life and a prosperous future !


A Dining room is the place where whole of the family enjoys,each other’s company.In modern days, busy life,dining room can be the only place where whole of the family can enjoy happy time together. It should seem inviting,spacious and comfortable. It is used by the family primarily for having meals. Its the place where the family sits to eat, have their meals and chat. It is also the place where guests are entertained and served food. In addition, very often, the Dining room is also used for other activities like a Children’s play area or place for study and homework, Reading, Writing, Entertainment, Board Games, Watching TV.
Since food nourishes body, mind and spirit, it is important to place the dining room in a calm area and eat meals in pleasing,joyous and intimate environment. Dining room is a very important part of the house and should be carefully planned. Vastu for dining room makes sure that the food you are eating will have positive effects on you and your family.
Real Vastu Living emphazises that Dining rooms should be designed to facilitate a relaxed mood for enjoyable eating.This activity involves Setting the table, Serving the food, Eating, Cleaning up after meals, Storing cutlery and crockery. Real Vastu Living aims for entirely different ambience in you Dining Room.This special room follows the same principles that are attached to the importance of food and the need to take good care of your body,mind and soul.But while the Real vastu living kitchen puts an emphasis on the cook or the cooks and the meal preparation, the real vastu living dining room emphasizes the pleasure that comes from sharing a delicious meal with family and friends.
Your Real vastu living environment eliminates the air of formality, which should never be confused with elegance. Your Dining room becomes inviting- a place where you and your guests find pleasure in each other’s company as you all break food together. Vastu for dining room makes sure that the food you are eating will have positive effects on you and your family

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