Bathroom/Toilet Vastu

Real Vastu living an art and science of living better life!

When designing a home and the rooms within it, the main consideration is to create a pleasant, comfortable environment to live in. If a home and the rooms are designed well, with a place and position for each item, it becomes a well lit, airy, clutter free, efficient place to live in, which in turn makes us happy and contented.
Infact, if the planning of any  room within the house and the placement of the objects within each room is done correctly, then it can result in permanent prosperity,wealth ,happiness and peace of mind to those who live in it.
Real Vastu Living offers such solutions for all interiors. We practise the principles of ancient Vedic Vastu science to achieve a complete harmony of the Home with the Elements of nature.Our solutions provide a very prestigious living style, so that the residers can enjoy and cherish every moment in their homes to a happy life and a prosperous future !


The Toilets and Bathrooms today, are an integral part of the House. Bathrooms can be attractive and something to be proud of. After all it is one place where you can clean the body and relax yourself with scented oils, aromatherapy or even spa. It is a room of romance and comfort. The bathroom of today is different in quality and style-ranging from the practical to luxurious. A Bathroom is primarily used for Washing hands and face, Grooming, Elimination at the WC, Bathing and Storage of bathroom supplies. It is also used for other activities sometimes, such as Infant care, hand laundering, dressing etc Every individual’s idea of luxury differs as do the features they would like to include in their bathrooms. The possibilities are endless: His and Hers wash-basins, bidets, Jacuzzis with underwater lighting and adjustable slide jets with an option of water heated air or both, sauna, steam bath, whirlpool or a reading nook with bookshelves and two comfy chairs! Then there are bathrooms located in a secluded corner of the house beside a glass wall that brings the outdoors with in.
Current lifestyles often demand that bathrooms offer extra facilities beyond the purely functional. Besides the now mandatory closet storage, make-up table-cum-dresser, washing machine or even a little nook used as a dressing space, you could find a bed or a dance floor in your private retreat next- depending, of course, on the space available. Also, the Placement of toilet in a home is most important for the health and wealth of the inmates living there. If by hap toilet is placed at undesirable place then surely it would lead to major problems such as finance loss, health problems, mental tension and stress etc. The proper location and orientation of the bathroom and toilets in the house mitigates the effect of good energies getting flushed out and increases the flow of bad energies getting flushed out. The direction and placement of wash basin, geysers, mirror, bathing area, windows, entrance door, showers,W.C etc plays an important role and if not dealt with properly will lead to financial, health and mental problems
Vastu is very prevalent here, and bathrooms are carefully planned accordingly- from where the WC is placed to the wall on which the mirror is hung. According to vastu, the bigger and better planned the bathroom, the more prosperous you will be. Any Vastu complaint living place provides inmates a disease free and barrier free house followed by peace, harmony and progress. Bathroom and toilet are basic sections of house sometimes made anywhere which tends to give negative energy because both the places have a specific location according to Vastu principles. Bathrooms constructed in anywhere in the house leads to complications and severe problems related to health and finance.
Thus it becomes important to abide by Vastu principles when renovating or constructing bathroom or toilet in house so that the results won’t disturb inmates further Bathroom designed per Vastu principles offers inmates beauty, comfort and decorum. It offers a neat and clean environment which promotes a very healthy and disease free lifestyle. The healthy lifestyle promotes better life and success and prosperity.

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