Rupal Dhurv

Director, Real Vastu Solutions


I unveiled an innovative service, Real Vastu Living after completing extensive study and training on Vastu Science principles, which enhance the function and flow in homes and offices by establishing a harmonious energetic balance.

I don’t see limitations. I see opportunity! I believe that if you are in a continuous learning mode, you continue to grow!

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Rupal Dhruv has an excellent knowledge of Vastu Shastra. She helped me personnel in many ways. She is highly reverenced person and I have vigorous faith in her words and all of her verbal expression have materialized for me and my family. I will perpetuate to seek her avail and guidance in every phase of my life, from work to home and kids. Thank you Rupal and you are always a welcome addition to our family.

- Ruth Anderson

Cuyahoga Falls, OH


I visited I was very exhilarated and surprised while browsing the portal. It contains an immense colossal information about Vastu, which is genuinely essential for mankind to lead an ecstatic livelihood. I vigorously feel we can't get this type of information from any consultant or any other source. To greet for the same I verbalized with Ms. Rupal the progenitor of this portal. I really appreciate Ms. Rupal. She is a vastu genius, benevolent person with a vigorous ardency towards technology and very good availing nature.

- Greg Grant

Akron, OH

In the world of Vastu Shastra, we are auspicious to have a super expert in our Ohio area. Rupal Dhruv specializes in rectifying the energies around the house, work, business in order to optimize its conditions. Ultimately making a more ecstatic and prosperous environment, Rupal peregrinated to our house and did a Vastu analysis and a follow up remedy implementation. The sensitive nature of Rupal showed how caring she is whilst treating with remedies as though it was her own home.

- Harsh Patel

Akron, OH